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Taking a “True” Rest Day

In the life of a competitive athlete with a full time job, training eats into a sizable chunk of free time before and/or after the hours in the office.  When training for a marathon or long distance triathlon, free time allocated to training only increases further.

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Return to Racing: 2017 Pittsburgh Half

Pittsburgh Half Marathon:  1:19:40, 40th Overall

It’s been a relatively long dry spell over the past two years as grad school became the primary focus, but now with all this free time… it’s time to get back to racing.  First up on this year’s list of races was the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

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Elemental Motivation Part 1: Running Angry

Just about every runner has been there.  Whatever the reason, sometimes fueling a run with anger can lead you as a runner beyond what you could imagine was possible.

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Race Review: The Pittsburgh Marathon

I had the great pleasure of running the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5, 2013.  Here’s my review for those considering running through my hometown streets of the steel city. Read more »


Race Review: The Boston Marathon

I had the great pleasure of running the legendary Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014.  Here’s my review for those considering running through the streets of Boston.

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2014 Boston Marathon

2014 Boston Marathon:  1522 Overall, 2:55:11

It’s taken a really, really long time to actually post this review, but better late than never.  After years of looking forward to this race, it was hard to believe it actually happened.  Even now it has finally started had a chance to sink in. Read more »


Merits of a Winter Beard

Why shave after November is over? Keeping the scruff through the winter months can make the harsh winter days a little more manageable. Read more »