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2018 NYC Marathon

2018 NYC Marathon:  974th Overall of 52,705, 2:58:02

Ahh, New York!  This has been a major bucket list race for some time.  And, after my first ever DNS for last year’s race, it was even better to join in on the fun this year.  Plus – last year it rained on race day, and this year it was beautiful.  I had better company joining me this year than I would have had last year, too.

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Strategic Relocation

Sometimes, even motivation and dedication to beat a personal best and reach new heights isn’t quite enough. It’s possible that our environment itself may have a hand in holding us back from reaching another level.

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Nagging Injuries

It’s the middle of the summer, and two thirds of the way through a major race build up.  Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a new ache.  What gives?

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Taking a “True” Rest Day

In the life of a competitive athlete with a full time job, training eats into a sizable chunk of free time before and/or after the hours in the office.  When training for a marathon or long distance triathlon, free time allocated to training only increases further.

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Recent Articles


2018 Eugene Marathon

2018 Eugene Marathon:  38th Overall of 1,495, 2:49:52

Every early morning long run, every night where I’d been the first to arrive at track and the last to leave, every cold trail run, 400m repeat, hour long tempo, months of lifting and fighting for every extra pound of muscle gain, windburned eyes, rain soaked shirts and shoes, early nights to bed and evenings out with friends skipped came rushing to the front of my mind when I saw the clock.   Read more »


Downtime: The Key to Avoiding Burnout

If you’ve run for more than a few months, chances are good you’ve felt like I did this past Wednesday morning. Every step getting out of bed looked like the tin man trying to bend rusted joins. Muscles made of tight and brittle ropes rather than feeling lose and strong. No energy outside the shakes from one too many cups of coffee. Read more »


Eugene Marathon: Weeks 4 – 7

I can always tell when I’m just about to hit peak mileage training for a marathon, as no matter what day or time it is, my legs feel tired and I could use a nap.  At least until I get used to the distances again, that is. Read more »


Cardiff Kook 10k

Cardiff Kook 10k:  37:51, 20th Overall

The second race of 2018 went quite a bit better than the Carlsbad Half Marathon, but being more prepared certainly helps!
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